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Beurer Baby Weight Scale (BY 80)


About Item:-
• Large LCD display (digit height 23 mm).
• Hold function.
• Switch-on technology: Button-on.
• Automatic switch-off.

Beurer BF 180 Diagnostic Bathroom Weighing Scale


About Item:-
• Large display with blue illumination.
• Weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage.
• bone mass and BMR calorie display.
• Blue illuminated LCD display.
• Electrodes made of brushed stainless steel.
• 5 activity levels.

Beurer BG 13 Diagnostic Bathroom Weighing Scale


About Item:-
Determination of body weight.
Capacity 150 kg. 10 user memories.
Automatic switch on & switch off
Made of brushed stainless steel.

Beurer GS10 Digital Glass weighing Scale


About Item:-
Easy-to-read LCD display.
Flat design height: only 1.9 cm.
Automatic switch-off, overload indicator.
Weight capacity: 180 kg.

Beurer PS 160 Personal Bathroom weighing Scale


About Item:-
XXL display, Digit size: 47 mm.
Standing surface made of comfortable plastic.
Switch-on technology.
Overload indicator.

Omron Karada Scan Body Composition Monitor HBF-375


About item
• Brand:- Omron
• Product:- Omron Karada Scan Body Composition Monitor HBF-375.
• Omron Body Composition Monitor.