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Old Spice Captain Deodorant Stick 50ml


About Item:-
1. It’s offers a refreshing scent capable of shielding.
2. Unpleasant odors and intense perspiration.
3. Long-lasting as well as anti-stain, it boosts personal comfort.

Old Spice Deodorant Stick for Men Original 50gm


About Item:-
Long lasting. Stick.
24 hour odor protection helps even when dreaming.
100% original product.
0% Aluminium Salts

Old Spice Deodorant Stick Whitewater for Men – 50ml


About Item:-
Provides a powerful refreshing scent.
Shields from strong odors and perspiration.
Wood and ocean minerals fragrance.

Old spice Pure sport high Endurance Anti-perspirant & deodorant 85GM (Pack of Two)


Old spice get 48 hours proven sweat and odour protection
Formulated to keep you smelling great longer with a long-lasting scent.
Old Spice is always a good offense without smelling offensive